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How to Apply

1. Complete the Application 

Fill out the host family application by clicking here.

2. Background Checks 

All adult members of the household must undergo a background check.

​3. Home Visit 

One of our staff will conduct a home visit to assess the suitability of your living space and ensure it meets the necessary standards for hosting a student.

​4. Attend Orientation 

Once approved, we invite hosts to attend a training session at the school. This provides valuable information about cultural differences, communication strategies, and support mechanisms.

5. Match with a Student 

We will seek to match your family with a suitable international student based on preferences, interests, and compatibility.

6. Welcome Your Student 

Once matched, welcome the student into your home with warmth and enthusiasm. Provide them with essential information about your household routines, rules, and local amenities.

Let's Get Started

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Why become a host family? Cultural Exchange  Hosting an international student provides a unique opportunity for cultural exchange. It allows your family to learn about different traditions, customs, and perspectives, fostering a greater understanding of the global community. Building Lifelong Connections Hosting a student often leads to the development of lasting friendships and connections. The bond formed during their stay can create a sense of extended family and open the door to future visits or even reciprocal stays abroad. ​Enhancing Language Skills  Living with an international student creates an immersive language-learning environment for both your family and the student. This helps improve language skills and promotes effective communication. ​Global Perspective  Exposing your family to a different culture broadens your worldview. It encourages open-mindedness, tolerance, and a more inclusive perspective, which are essential qualities in our interconnected world. ​Supporting Education  By becoming a host family, you contribute to the educational journey of an international student. Your support can significantly impact their academic success and personal growth during their time abroad.

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